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Discount Coupon / Voucher

Unlock Endless Possibilities with Our Exclusive Voucher

Elevate sales and customer satisfaction with personalized vouchers and exclusive promotions.

Voucher features

Various Voucher Types 

Customized Voucher Code

Fixed or Percentage Discounts

Public, Member, Special Vouchers

Voucher Redemption Rules

1. Create a variety of vouchers tailored to your needs, including first-time sign-up, storewide, product-specific, or free shipping vouchers.

2. Personalize voucher codes, claim periods, and other voucher rules.

3. For storewide and product vouchers, choose between fixed price discounts or percentage discounts.

4. For free shipping vouchers, decide whether the voucher covers free shipping or has a capped amount.

5. Specify if vouchers are available for all customers, exclusive to members, or for specific customers only.

6. Keep track of voucher claims to see which customers have redeemed the vouchers.

Highlight Benefits

1. Increased Sales 

Vouchers can boost sales by attracting more people, especially price-sensitive customers who are more likely to make a purchase when offered a discount.

2. Strengthen Customer Relationships

Offering vouchers can help acquire new customers and maintain the loyalty of existing ones, encouraging them to stay engaged with the brand and make repeat purchases.

3. Clearance of Stock

Businesses can use vouchers to clear out old or excess stock, ensuring that products are sold rather than going to waste.

4. Promotion of New Products

Businesses can use vouchers to promote new products or services, encouraging customers to try them out at a reduced cost.

Overall, vouchers are powerful tools for e-commerce businesses, helping them drive sales, retain customers, and establish a strong online presence.

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