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Purchase Link

Simplify Add to Cart Process with Purchase Link

Our Purchase Link feature is designed to simplify purchases for a faster, smoother experience and boost conversion rates effortlessly. Just click the purchase link to add products directly to the cart, saving customers time and speeding up the checkout process.

Purchase Link Features

Selective Products

Custom Name

Custom URL

Add Voucher

Set Purchase Quantity

1. Selective Products: You can select the products you wish to include in the purchase link.

2. Custom Name: Personalize your purchase link name based on your preference or set one that makes recipients feel uniquely special and valued.

3. Custom URL: You can customize a meaningful or short purchase link URL based on your preference.

4. Add Voucher: You can add a voucher to the purchase link, allowing customers to enjoy a discount directly when making a purchase using the link.

5. Set Purchase Quantity: You can set the purchase quantity for each item in the link. 

6. Easily to share: Share the purchase link easily with customers via email, social media, or any communication method.

Highlight Benefits

1. Easy to Create

You just need to add a purchase link name, and a voucher (optional), select products, and set the purchase quantity.

2. Customisable

Enjoy the flexibility to customize purchase links with personalized products, discount vouchers, unique URLs and many more.

3. Stimulate Quick Decision Making

Purchase links help streamline the customer checkout experience, ensuring faster transactions and heightened convenience.

4. Real-time Inventory Management

Offer real-time stock updates; upon customer purchase via the purchase link, stock levels for the products will auto-deduct for accuracy.

By eliminating unnecessary steps, our Purchase Link enhances user convenience and, in turn, significantly boosts conversion rates.

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