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[Plugin] Membership & Loyalty Program

Attract and Retain Your Loyal Customers

Customize your own membership and loyalty program with points and rewards to fuel sustainable growth through customer retention.

Membership & Loyalty

**Suitable for any business aiming to build loyalty, boost repeat sales, and enhance customer experience.

Membership & Loyalty Features

Gift Redemption Using Points

Set Points for Each Action

Member Points Adjustment

Member Tiering

Member Points Report

1. General Setting: Tailor point names and card images to align with your brand identity.

2. Reward Redeemption: Offer enticing free gifts or vouchers for customers to redeem using their accumulated points.

3. Points Grant Rules: Specify how members can earn points according to the points grant rules.

4. Member Point Adjustment: Manually adjust member points in special circumstances, allowing for flexibility.

5. Set Member Tier: Define member tier and their corresponding qualification criteria.

6. Redemption Conversion Rate: Customize the points-to-currency conversion, establishing clear values for discounts at checkout (e.g., 1000 points = RM1).

7. Member Points Reports: View recent member point earnings activity.

Highlight Benefits

1. Boost Member Spending and Drive Sales

Encourage members to spend more and complete tasks to accumulate points, unlocking higher tiers and better rewards. This fosters customer loyalty and increases merchant revenue.

2. Get More New Customer

Effortlessly convert loyal customers into brand advocates. Reward loyal customers for referring new ones, which can enhance loyalty, and expand your customer base.

3. Informative Member Database

Offer invaluable customer insights by providing data on customer behavior and purchasing habits. Leverage these insights to refine products and marketing strategies, enhance marketing and business performance, establish stronger relationships, and improve customer satisfaction.

4. Competitive Advantage

The distinctive membership and loyalty program not only boosts customer loyalty but also reinforces your customer base, minimizes customer loss, and effectively sustains a leading position in the market.

In summary, a membership and loyalty program is a reward initiative designed to appreciate customer loyalty and stimulate repeat purchases. It serves as a potent tool for enhancing customer loyalty and retention. Don't wait any longer; take advantage of this powerful tool today!

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