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NEWPAGES is an established online business platform with 16 years of experience, specializing in e-commerce and digital marketing solutions, including responsive website design, website builder, and SEO implementation. As a leading e-commerce website developer, our primary goal is to empower clients to effectively sell products online, boost revenue, and achieve remarkable business growth.

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Embrace the digital age and ride the wave of booming online shopping! If you find that your business does not yet have an e-commerce website, it is time for transformation! To stay competitive, you must utilize the vast potential of the digital landscape and reach a broader audience through online sales. Don't miss out on success in the modern business world take the step towards transformation now!

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Drive More Sales

With our easy-to-manage promotional tool, businesses can drive engagement, generate excitement among users, encourage clients to make purchases, and ultimately achieve their sales and marketing objectives.


Motivate clients to shop more by offering various types of vouchers with customized voucher codes.

Discount Campaign

Enhance clients motivation with limited-time price reductions accompanied by a countdown timer.

Mix & Match

Clients are given the flexibility to create personalized bundles by combining different items from a selection.

Add-on Deals

Offer discounted prices or free gifts for additional products when they purchased alongside main products

Drive More Traffic &
Expand New Reach

Utilize our powerful tools to attract more new audience,
increases the potential client base
and optimize the conversion rate.

Affiliate marketing & referral

Grow your sales through word-of-mouth! Make everyone your ambassador to promote your products with customized links and reward them with points or commissions.

Marketplace Sync

Reaching more clients is possible by selling on multiple channels and managing them efficiently in one place! No more repetitive product uploads or stock updates.

Pop up & social proof

Automated notifications that highlight the client's positive experiences with a product or service can help to build trust, enhance credibility, and increase conversions.

Product reviews & rating

The collection of buyers' ratings and reviews, showcasing their satisfaction with their purchases, can enhance credibility and encourage potential clients to make a purchase.

Building Clients Relationship Management

By implementing a well-rounded CRM approach, businesses can build trust, loyalty, and client satisfaction, leading to increased client retention and improved overall business performance.

Membership & Member login

Allows visitors to become members and access exclusive benefits, while merchants gather client data for analysis.

Point Reward & Loyalty Program

Enable merchants to offer points & rewards for client retention, increased lifetime value, and repeat purchases.

Business Reports & Analytic Insights

By gaining access to view the website performance, you can precisely focus on analyzing client preferences and offering targeted promotions.

Email Marketing

Regular email updates on new products, news & promotions keep clients engaged, nurtures leads and foster brand loyalty.

Powerful Integration

Optimize your operations by streamlining order fulfillment, tracking orders, and processing payments with efficiency.

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Payment Gateway
Shipping Logistic
Payment Gateway
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Over the years, we have served large corporations, SMEs. non-profit organization. We have our own web designer team to give your business a visual stunning and engaging website that will convert visitors into buyers.

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