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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


NEWPAGES offer lalamove and easyparcel integration.
Yes, you can also choose your own preferred shipping solution and set up shipping charges
You can set up shipping charges based on:
a) Weight-based
b) Per order (one-time charge)
c) Per item
d) Quote shipping
e) free shipping
Yes, you can set different shipping charges for different regions
Yes, you can set international shipping charges by adding zones, selecting the countries, and setting the shipping charges.
Yes, You can offer a self-pick-up option with multiple locations for customer to pick up their order
Yes, You can offer a cash-on-delivery option for customers to choose from.
You can offer free shipping in a few ways:
a) Free shipping for a specific area
b) Free shipping for orders over a certain amount
c) Create free shipping vouchers
After customers make a purchase, system will automatically send email notifications to customer regarding their order status
Merchant are only able to print out airway bill when using the easyparcel function.

Payment Method

a) Manual Payment Method
- Bank transfer, E-wallet (Scan QR Code), ATM Cash deposit, Cash on Delivery (COD), Cheque

b) Payment Gateway
- Credit/ Debit card, FPX, E-wallet (Digital Version) , Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL)
A manual payment method is one where customers manually make payments through a specific method (such as bank transfer, ATM, scan QR code & cash on delivery, etc.).

Transactions made using a manual payment method will not be automatically linked to orders. Consequently, merchants will need to verify the receipt themselves and, once confirmed, manually update the order status as paid.

* NEWPAGES did not impose extra charges for manual payment methods.
A payment gateway is a secure online service that processes and authorizes financial transactions between merchants and customers, ensuring smooth and safe transfer of funds while protecting sensitive payment information.
There are a few simple ways to apply a payment gateway:
1) Check the payment gateways that Newpages supports (may refer to
2) Choose your preferred payment gateway
3) Register an account (via payment gateway agents or online).
4) Integration
Yes. To change your current payment gateway, please email using your master email. Request to switch to your preferred payment gateway and explain the reason for the change. Our support team will forward your request to the relevant person, who will then review your request and contact you for further details.
You can get in touch with NEWPAGES for more information.
Yes, you can set up multiple payment methods for buyers to choose from.
NEWPAGES does not charge extra fees. However, if you choose a payment gateway, the provider might charge a setup fee, annual fee, and transaction fee (depending on the provider you choose).