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[Plugin] Affiliate Marketing & Referral

Grow Your Sales Through Word-of-Mouth

Increase sales by allowing individuals to become your affiliates and promote your company's products or services through unique links.

Affiliate & Referral

**Perfect for businesses aiming to grow customer base, increase sales, and boost brand visibility.

Recommend activate with Membership & Loyalty Program

Affiliate Marketing and Referral Programs features

10 Starter Referral Link

Commission Rate Group Member

Referral Link Action Report

Personal Referral Report

Detailed Referral Report

1. Add referrers and set a commission % for each referrer.

2. Generate unique referral links for each referrer to easily share with others.

3. Automatically Generate Commissions when orders are placed via the referral link.

4. Access Comprehensive Referral Reports - Review referrer performance, commissions, and records.

5. When integrated with the Membership & Loyalty Program Plugin, a referrer can join as a member and earn points by referring their friends.

Highlight Benefits

1. Cost-Effective

Opt for a cost effective to promote products or services. Pay or reward based on results—sales or new customers—without upfront advertising costs. Benefit your business efficiently.

2. Expand Customer Base

Boost brand visibility with brand ambassadors such as influencers, content creators, and customer referrals! Reach a wider and qualified audience.

3. Increase Customer Loyalty

Incentivize loyal customers to refer your products and services, growing your customer base and fostering enduring relationships based on trust and loyalty.

4. Drive More Sales

Offering attractive rewards to motivate referral and encourage them to promote your business. Increased visibility attracts more customers, enhancing sales and conversions for your business.

Overall, Affiliate marketing and referral programs have gained immense popularity among businesses. They benefit both businesses and affiliates/referrers. What are you waiting for? Transform your business with our powerful tools today!

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