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[Plugin] Facebook Live Commerce

Supercharge Your Facebook Live Sales with FB Live Commerce!

Automate and scale your Facebook live sales through comments and direct messages, with orders being sent & created automatically.

FB live

***Suitable for E-Commerce, Retail, Fashion, Beauty, Seafood, etc.

Facebook Live Features

Products Code & Price Setting

Auto Order Creation

Stocks Sync with Website

Online Payment Checkout

Facebook Live Report & Statistic

1. Personalize product codes to make it easy for customers to comment and set special prices for Facebook Live.

2. Tailor the product list for Facebook Live, and set specific maximum purchase limits for each item.

3. Automatically generate orders and send checkout links via Messenger when customers comment on product codes during Facebook Live.

4. Customers can conveniently make online payments by using the checkout link.

5. Stock syncs with the website, and stock levels will deduct when customers complete their orders.

Highlight Benefits

1. Automate Order Process

Eliminate manual tracking of comments and purchases, as well as sending private messages to buyers. Automate these processes seamlessly with our Facebook Live plugin.

2. Easy Stock Management

Automatically deducts stock based on buyer order quantities, providing real-time updates. Save time by eliminating manual inventory calculations.

3. Gain Insights and Analytics

FB Live Commerce provides detailed analytics and reports, enabling you to track your sales and identify your best-selling products.

4. Seamless Payment Process

A seamless checkout link enables customers to make payments effortlessly through online payment methods, leading to higher customer satisfaction and encouraging repeat purchases.>

Revolutionize your ecommerce sales through live videos. It's a important tool for ecommerce marketer. So why not give it a try and see how it can help you to grow your business?

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