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[Plugin] Checkout & Payment Links

Boost Your Sales and Simplify Checkout with Payment Links

Send potential customers a one-click checkout link with your products and offers, simplifying the payment process for increased conversions.

Payment Link

**Suitable for E-Commerce, Retail

Payment link features

Selective Products Payment Link

Custom Offer for Each Link

Easy Stocks Management

Checkout Using Payment Gateway

Easy Track Off-Site Order

How Payment Link Work

1. Create a Link - Create a payment link for the selected products and their price.

2. Share the Link - Once the link is generated, distribute it to customers through channels such as email, text, social media, or any other communication method.

3. Get Paid - This link will take customers directly to a payment page to complete a transaction.

4. Email Notification - You will receive an email notification when you receive a successful payment.

Highlight Benefits

1. Easy to Create

Easily create payment links by adding products, quantities, prices, and payment link URLs.

2. Customisable

Enjoy the Flexibility to customize payment links with personalized products, discounts, and unique URLs. By tailoring products and prices, you can elevate the checkout experience and boost customer satisfaction significantly.

3. Straightforward Landing Page for Easy Checkout

Simplify checkout with user-friendly payment links, reducing cart complexity, save customer time leading to higher satisfaction, and increased conversions for improved sales.

4. Stimulate Quick Decision Making

Payment links create urgency, simplifying checkout for faster transactions. It enables payments from anywhere, anytime, and enhancing convenience and speed.

Overall, payment links offer a personalized and convenient payment solution that can benefit both businesses and their customers. Don't wait any longer to take advantage of this powerful tool!

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