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Lalamove Integration

On Demand Same Day Deliveries with Lalamove

Established in 2013, Lalamove simplifies affordable on-demand deliveries. With just a click, individuals, small businesses, and corporations can utilize a diverse fleet of delivery vehicles driven by professionals
***Suitable for Retail, Groceries, Gift& Flowers, Food & Beverage, Household Appliances, Furniture and etc.

Lalamove features

Instant Delivery & Advance Scheduling

Instant Quotations & Transparent Pricing

Bulk Order Support

Variety of Choices

Real-time Tracking 

How it Work

1. Register Account - To get started, you need to create a Lalamove account and log in.

2. Lalamove Setup- Set API key and add merchant address in NMS system.

3. Order Processing - Set the delivery route and time can include multiple stops in a single delivery.

4. Pick a Vehicle - Choose a delivery vehicle based on your specific needs, whether it's a motorcycle, car, 4x4 truck, van, or lorry.

5. Get Instant Quotation - You are shown the price before confirming the delivery.

6. Create Lalamove Order - After confirming the quotation, you can place an order.

7. Real-time Tracking - You can track the driver's location during any ongoing delivery.

Highlight Benefits

1. Bulk Order Assistance

Streamline the bulk order process to facilitate high-volume deliveries at a lower cost per delivery within a single route that includes multiple drop-offs.

2. Fast & Flexible Delivery

The Lalamove platform offers businesses the flexibility to select from a range of delivery options, including on-demand, same-day, and advance orders. Additionally, businesses can choose from various types of vehicles based on their specific requirements.

3. Cost-Effectiveness

By using Lalamove, businesses pay only for the services they use, help save on fixed costs such as vehicle purchases, maintenance and payroll, making it a cost-effective solution.

4. Real-time Tracking

Lalamove offers real-time tracking features, ensuring transparency throughout the entire delivery process and enhancing customer satisfaction.

Overall, Lalamove provides a comprehensive and efficient delivery solution, offering numerous benefits that can enhance your business operations and customer satisfaction.

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