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Understanding Shipping in NEWPAGES

Shipping involves delivering products from one location to another, and the chosen delivery method depends on the business and product type. NEWPAGES doesn't handle shipping directly for sellers. Instead, Businesses can choose to integrate with a shipping carrier or use their preferred logistics company. 
Here is the list to consider in shipping:
  • Shipping Zone
  • Shipping Rate
  • Shipping Carrier
  • Shipping Confirmation

1) Shipping Zone

A shipping zone is a defined geographic region that businesses use to determine shipping rates for e-commerce orders. In NEWPAGES, shipping zones can include specific postcodes, states, or countries. Creating a shipping zone helps businesses limit possible order destinations to a specific area and offer tailored shipping options to customers from various locations.

  • In-store pickup: Offer customers to pick up their orders from your physical store.
  • Local delivery: Offer local delivery from nearby areas to entire cities; opt for self-delivery or local service.
  • Domestic shipping: Offer delivery service to specific cities, states, or throughout the country.
  • International shipping: Offer delivery to a particular country, neighboring countries, or worldwide.

2) Shipping Rate

Shipping rates refer to the additional charges customers pay for shipping or delivery of their orders. Businesses can choose the shipping options/methods to determine these rates.
Here is a list of shipping options:

  • Free Shipping: Offer free shipping as an incentive; no additional fees for delivery.
  • Flat Rate: Charge a fixed shipping fee regardless of the parcel size or weight.
  • Weight Base: Calculate shipping costs based on the weight of the items in the customer's orders.
  • Per Item: Calculate shipping costs based on the unit of the products.
  • Cash On Delivery: Customer pays in cash upon receiving the ordered goods.
  • Quote Shipping: Customers await the merchant's shipping rate reply before paying.
  • Real-Time Rates: Integrate with carriers for real-time shipping rates based on package weight, dimensions, and destination.

3) Shipping Carrier

NEWPAGES integrates with EasyParcel and Lalamove to help businesses fulfill their orders efficiently. After integration, you would need to drop off the parcel at the nearby drop-off points or arrange for a pickup from your location. If you do not want to use EasyParcel and Lalamove, you can use your own logistic service by adding its rates manually.

4) Shipping Confirmation

After merchants ship out the parcel, customers receive a shipping confirmation email containing details about their order, including a tracking number. This enables buyers to conveniently monitor the delivery status of their parcel.

16 Nov 2023